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Outdoor Learning

Class 3 enjoyed a variety of different activities encouraging many important skills, including: communication, team work, problem solving and perseverance. The weather was wet, windy and cold, but Class 3 were resilient and enjoyed the challenges. Below is an outline of the activities. 

Day 1 - The Spider Web

Six ropes carefully attached to a cone in the middle. The challenge? To transport a ball on the cone with each person holding only the end of the ropes. Then delivering the ball into a bucket. Lots of communication needed! 

Oh no, there's been a toxic wasted spillage. Luckily, it all landed in a bucket on the start line. Can you and your team of scientists dressed in imaginary Hazmat suits transport the toxic waste to the magical disposal bucket. Be careful, don't touch the bucket or spill any, or we might be invaded by six headed toxic worms.

Avalanche Rescue

Help, we must escape the mountain, but we only have one pair of wooden skies. Can your team work together to cross the avalanche? This is much harder than it looks! 

You Walk, I'll Talk

You Walk, I'll Talk 1
You Walk, I'll Talk 2

One person blindfolded, their partner directing them through a course. A great exercise in trust and communication. There was a lot of; 'No, the other left.'

The Lava Flow

The volcano of Cirencester has erupted. We must cross the lava flow using only our heat proof wooden planks and tiles, don't touch the lava. Not only that, but we must carry all the equipment across. And don't leave anyone behind!

After a long morning escaping lava flows, toxic waste and avalanches, we built some shelters. This was very well timed, as the rain came to test our resolve, togetherness and knot tying! 

A small pattering of snow was the perfect start for a morning of sledge building out of a variety of materials, followed by racing up and down the field doing impressions of Husky dogs. And when the sledge fell apart, we built it again.

Cowboy Stew

We built a fire, chopped carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic, and practised our knife skills. After adding different beans, bacon, oil and water, we left the stew simmering on the fire with the smells drifting across the field. In the meantime, we................ (see below).............then finished the day sat around the fire, eating stew and reflecting on a wonderful couple of days.

Blindfolded Obstacle Course and Tightrope Walking

And finally; an obstacle course blindfolded and supporting each other across a tightrope sort of thing. The two days were finished off around the camp fire reflecting on all we had learnt whilst enjoying a nice, hot bowl of stew. Many thanks to Mr. Russell, of Head First Education, for all of his hard work.