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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5

Welcome to the new term and the new school year, we hope you all had a wonderful summer break. We are now well under way and the children have been working hard establishing routines and investigating the resources in the classroom. They have already shown that they have many skills ready for developing as independent learners!   


Please keep up-to-date with what is going on by visiting this page regularly; we will start blogging as soon as possible which is a brilliant way for your children to showcase their talents and gain a wide audience for their efforts. 

After a few days of magical happenings Class 5 were visited by a mysterious guest this week. The Alchemist’s Apprentice brought a captivating box with them and we all enjoyed exploring the different samples, making connections to different materials and where they could have come from. Class 5 were quick to work out the riddle and then spent time making their own maps of Alchemy Island. We are looking forward to further investigations in the Alchemist’s lab and our journey through the island.

Class 5 Homework Tasks

Our Stratton key values are: Friendship, Respect, Responsibility, Forgiveness and Truthfulness. Out of the many Christian values these were selected by the children, staff, parents and governors as our key values for school life.


Our home school value this term is HOPE. Click on the link below to find out more.


It is important that our Christian Values are evident and encouraged in our daily lives within our school community. In recognition of children who show responsibility, respect, friendship, who are at peace or truthful, we now have a "values tree" where their photo will be placed. The tree, in the school hall, has colour coded leaves representing our chosen key Christian Values. When a child is spotted by a member of our school community to be demonstrating one of the Values, their photo will go on the appropriate colour leaf in celebration.

Overview of year

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Year 5 Expectations

Calculation Progression - Maths

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Year 5 and 6 Spelling List