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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6. Below you will find some useful information and, as time meanders gracefully on, updates and reports of the myriad of adventures undertaken in this exciting year at the top of the school. We hope you enjoy.
Class 6 had an adventurous couple of days experiencing different outdoor activities related to our topic of 'The Frozen Kingdom.' This included sledge building, followed by a highly entertaining race, porridge making, bread making, fire making, orienteering and den building to name a few. We learnt about the explorers who braved the icy poles and how they managed to survive in the harsh and unforgiving conditions, including coating their matches in wax. Many thanks to Mr. Russell for organising the fun filled days.
We had great entertainment coming to school dressed as something beginning with the letter J, H or T to support a very worthy charity. The costumes were imaginative and interesting, especially the teacher dressed as a Jedi! Thank you to everyone who supported the day. For further information follow this link:

Our Stratton key values are: Friendship, Respect, Responsibility, Peace and Truthfulness. Out of the many Christian values these were selected by the children, staff, parents and governors as our key values for school life.


Our home school value this term is HOPE. Click on the link to find out more.


It is important that our Christian Values are evident and encouraged in our daily lives within our school community. In recognition of children who show responsibility, respect, friendship, who are at peace or truthful, we now have a "values tree" where their photo will be placed. The tree, in the school hall, has colour coded leaves representing our chosen key Christian Values. When a child is spotted by a member of our school community to be demonstrating one of the Values, their photo will go on the appropriate colour leaf in celebration.

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