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PSHE - Keeping Ourselves Safe

This afternoon, we looked at what we put on our body! The children came up with some great ideas, hats, gloves, clothes, sun cream and soap were a few suggestions.

We then drew around a volunteer and the children cut out some pictures and added them to our body.


Detective Harold the Giraffe helped the children look at what was safe and unsafe in different environments. Firstly, I asked the children to go around the classroom and find anything they thought was dangerous. The children brought back a variety of things, lego (you could stand on it), scissors, hand gel, tap pins. We discussed how these might be dangerous.

Then we had a think of dangerous things they may find outside the classroom. They could write or draw pictures on the sheet. We has a sharpener, squid, boiling water, sharp pencils, wasp,fire and even a jelly fish. We then watched and discussed the video of Harold being a detective.


As a class we had talked about who helps us in the community. The children had a good understanding about who helps us. One of those being Police Officers. On Friday 15th January, we had a crime committed in Reception Class. The children became Police Detectives, following the clues left behind to find out who did it! They followed the handprints, finger prints and the footprints. The children loved exploring all the clues and even had their own finger prints taken!