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Our school provides daily writing lessons that are progressive and support skill development. The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is followed to in our Reception Class and then transition is made through to the National Curriculum in Year 1 and above. A curriculum map for each year group outlines what is taught when and how it aligns to the National Curriculum. An overview of the units taught ensures progression and not repetition of genres and texts.


The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is divided into prime & specific areas of learning and development. 'Communication & Language' is one of 3 prime areas that are fundamental to supporting their language development. 'Communication & Language' is made up of the following aspects: listening and attention, understanding and speaking. ‘English' is one of 4 specific areas which include the development of essential skills and knowledge and is made up of the 2 aspects: reading & writing. Children predominantly learn through play and speaking and listening activities. There are also opportunities for teacher modelling.


In writing lessons in all KS1 and KS2 year groups, teachers plan a sequence of lessons that build a learning journey, culminating in their own written text. Different genres are explored through the year and children are encouraged to write to entertain, inform or persuade. Quality texts and stimuli are used to engage the children. Teachers model these skills on regular basis and planning, editing, publishing and ICT based tasks can be planned in as part of the teaching sequence


Children in EYFS and KS1 to have daily phonics sessions, following Letters and Sounds. For Year 2-6 we use the No Nonsense Spelling scheme.