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Term 1 & 2

When learning about the structure and functions of the heart, what else is there to do except dissect a real heart. Not from a human, but sheep. With a mixture of fascination, disgust, prodding and poking, careful dissection and engagement, we found the four main chambers, valves, important arteries and veins, and more. It was a memorable afternoon that sparked much enthusiasm and learning. 
In a WW1 themed week, Class 6 have made 100 poppies out of plastic materials. They have worked very hard, creating the constituent parts using a variety of tools (and fire!) and assembling the poppies expertly. The teamwork and maturity they have shown is fantastic. We then took a moment to reflect, and placed a poppy in the ground for all the fallen and for all the years. 

Darwin's Delights Homework

Thank you to all the children and parents who have contributed to our homework wall. It's amazing to see the varied and well presented pieces of work, from models and diaries, to quizzes and explanations. We are coming to the end of this topic, and it's certainly inspired much discussion, particularly the question: how will humans have evolved in a million years? Answers on digital postcard sent straight to the inbox of my brain's virtual vision please.

Class 6 have been learning about Darwin, the Galapagos Islands, inheritance and natural selection, and DNA. We have undertaken two experiments: one to extract DNA from strawberries, one to extract DNA from our own cheek cells. To see our very own DNA was a marvel, all using household items and a bit of science. Watson and Crick would have been proud.