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Term 1 and 2

We had a problem! A Christmas Fayre with no games! Not after we'd used our D.T. skills to produce some great wire games. What fun! Note to all - polystyrene doesn't vacuum well but static electricity and balloons did the trick.

St. James' Place - Money Matters. What an excellent morning learning all about budgeting, planning, interest and banking. Rich Ricky unfortunately managed to trick a few out of their hard-earned money, but we are wise to him now! Thank you to all the volunteers from St James' Place.

We created our own paintings and told the stories behind them.

We worked as scientists to see whether we were able to remove DNA from a strawberry. We wondered what would happen if we changed the procedure or whether we could extract DNA from other living things.

To celebrate Harvest, we made a wheatsheaf out of bread. After making the bread, and discussing the science behind it, we were all able to taste the soft, warm bread we had made from scratch. We will definitely be making it again - the school was full of the delightful aroma!