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Welcome to Class 3

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Class 3 and 4 invaded the Roman settlement at Caerleon. We had a tour around the amphitheater, pretending to be gladiators in front of the crowd, which seated over 5500 spectators. After a short walk we reached the baths, much needed after the excitement of the amphitheater. The remains of the baths were well preserved and full of interesting details, including the hypocaust that heated certain parts.We were treated to two sessions from the museum staff about life as a Roman soldier, including marching in formation and trying on the armour. Finally, we enjoyed the museum which contained the remains of a Roman soldier and many examples of Roman artifacts. A great day had by all and a fantastic place to visit. Thanks to all the staff who helped us on the trip.

We had a lovely afternoon in the sunshine sharing our favourite books. Parents and children, in small groups, listened to a story and enjoyed eloping and escaping into literature for a while. Thank you parents, the children really enjoyed it. 

Comic book design and creation, based on King Arthur. Making leaflets about Hogwarts. Throwing bean bags and measuring how far we threw them. Measuring ourselves. Measuring perimeter by drawing 2D shapes on the playground. Pointillism...................... and much more. So much to learn about, so much to create. 

Performance Poetry

Class 3 had a lot of fun learning and performing 'The Bug Chant' by Tony Mitton. We worked on many different aspects of poetry, as well as performance techniques. The photos above show the children rehearsing their performances. 

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Our Stratton key values are: Friendship, Respect, Responsibility, Peace and Truthfulness. Out of the many Christian values these were selected by the children, staff, parents and governors as our key values for school life.


Our home school value this term is WISDOM.  Click on the link below to find out more.


It is important that our Christian Values are evident and encouraged in our daily lives within our school community. In recognition of children who show responsibility, respect, friendship, who are at peace or truthful, we now have a "values tree" where their photo will be placed. The tree, in the school hall, has colour coded leaves representing our chosen key Christian Values. When a child is spotted by a member of our school community to be demonstrating one of the Values, their photo will go on the appropriate colour leaf in celebration.