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Class 4 enjoyed a trip to the Church to learn more about the events of Holy Week with the help of Open the Book. Experience Easter helped us think about Easter through different activities or stations:







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The first station was called Palm Sunday and we thought about our hopes and dreams.

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At the second station we learnt about Jesus washing his friends' feet which we thought was a little weird.

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The third activity was about Jesus' Last Supper. There was a table laid out like it would have been in the time of Jesus. We even had bread and grapes. We talked about memories that we have.

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The fourth station was called Alone. We thought about how Jesus might have felt during his visit to the garden before he was arrested by the soldiers. Open the Book told us that we are never alone because God is always with us.

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The fifth activity was called Sharing our Sorrows and we talked about Jesus on the cross. We all thought about someone we wanted to say a prayer for.

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We gathered at the final station to hear the end of the story. We spoke about the empty tomb and angels.


            by Chloe, Griff, Harry, Jack, Jaydon, Rosie, Theo and Sami



On Monday 3rd April Class 4 did Outdoor Learning with Mr Russell. Mr Russell showed us a book called Zoom. We all enjoyed it. When we got outside we looked at maps and zoomed in on them. Then we made our own maps. In the afternoon we did orienteering using our maps. If we went too far away from our group we got a two minute penalty. We had to make a message with the letters we found. After orienteering we learnt to use a compass. We gave each other directions to follow. We learnt that you have to keep the red arrow on North and turn the compass to the way you want to go. At the end of the day we toasted marshmallows on the fire we helped to make. To get it started we had to make tinder bundles.


                  by Charlotte, Daisy D, Daisy H, Keira, Leah, and Libby

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Our Stratton key values are: Friendship, Respect, Responsibility, Peace and Truthfulness. Out of the many Christian values these were selected by the children, staff, parents and governors as our key values for school life.


Our home school value this term is WISDOM. Click on the link below to find out more.


It is important that our Christian Values are evident and encouraged in our daily lives within our school community. In recognition of children who show responsibility, respect, friendship, who are at peace or truthful, we now have a "values tree" where their photo will be placed. The tree, in the school hall, has colour coded leaves representing our chosen key Christian Values. When a child is spotted by a member of our school community to be demonstrating one of the Values, their photo will go on the appropriate colour leaf in celebration.


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