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Welcome to class 5's Weekly updates

Term 3 

Welcome back to the new term, we hope you all had a fantastic break. 

This week we have been getting ourselves back into routine of things and all of the children have made a new start to the new term. 

History - Medieval Monarchs . During this week's history lessons we have been acting out being a medieval monarch. Eamon was King Harold who took the crown from King Edward but was then later defeated by King William. They all had great fun acting their parts out.

During our science lessons, we worked on our experiment relating to forces. We made boats out of tin foil that were different widths. Using a fan we had to see which boat floated across the water the best. Connor was great at explaining to Mrs Brown about how the boats glided across the water.

Term 3 

During this term we are working on our running. We have been looking at our  running styles this week, so that we are able to improve on our distance. 

" I personally like cross country," said Francesca. " I like the competitiveness in our class when it comes to running. Over the weeks we have been looking at different ways to help our running get better for example how we get rid of a stitch by putting out hands behind you head and walk to easy it." 

Term 3 

This week it has been all about young voices. We had a brilliant time and it was enjoyed by all of the children and adults. The children represented Stratton fantastically and thank you to all of the parents that came along to support.

Please follow the link below to take a look at the pictures and videos. 


Music | Stratton CofE Primary School

Term 3 . We have welcomed Sadie Rowlands, a fantastic moasic creator, into school this week. We have had a great time designing and creating mosaics to put at the school's entrance. We really enjoyed thinking about our links to St. Peter's Church and how we become brilliant learners. Hopefully, they will be in place soon!

Term 3 Budding fashion designers! We have been working hard to produce a design for a wedding outfit this term. We were able to ask questions of the client and see what they would like before designing the outfit. Have a look and see what you think.

Term 4 

We have had a great start to the first week back after half term. Class 5 have started to work on our gymnastic moves and coordination during PE. They have been looking at the muscles that they need to use to be able to get the best positions. We had to work on our partner lifts and try to be able to keep ou5r bodies as straight as a log. We then got the equipment out they had to be able to balance on all of the different types of apparatus, which was sometimes challenging.

Nell informed me that they equipment was good fun to use and kit helped her to balance and engage her core. She also liked that at the end we timed us all on how long we could hold a plank for, most made it to over a minute!

Term 4 

Class assembly 

Please follow the link below to have a look at our class assembly. We talked about plastic pollution and how we can all help to turn Stratton into a single use plastic free school

Stratton CofE Primary School (

Forest Green Rovers

On Wednesday we had a fantastic opportunity to go and visit Forest Green Rovers ground. We have been looking at how we can do more to help the environment and Forest green are the only football club that has been recognised by FIFA as “world’s greenest football club”.

We had a fantastic time looking around and asking many questions about the club it was a great day. 

Term 5

Welcome back to term 5 , summer term ( apparently). We hope you all had a fantastic Easter break . We have enjoyed the children telling us what they have been up to over the holidays.

We wanted to update you with the amazing news that we now have our class pet . Please welcome Oreo, he is a Syrian hamster. He has become a very messy eater already and has settled in really well within his new surroundings. He has been out of his cage a couple of time and taken a keen interested in his tunnel and his food.



Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Term 5

Well what a term it has been so far, lots of exciting things have been happening throughout the school. We have enjoyed the Maths escape room and the science experiments greatly.  

Anneliese said that "The escape room was enjoyable because there were many activities that everyone could take part in and enjoy"

Pictures from term 5