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Stratton School Annual Governance Statement 2018-19


The Department for Education suggests that schools produce a document each year to explain what their governing board has done. We’ve made it short, aiming to provide a useful summary in one place.


What do governors do?      

School governors are volunteers who work together with the Headteacher, staff and the local authority to improve education and outcomes for all pupils. A governing board provides strategic leadership and accountability, and has three key functions:


  • overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent;
  • holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and
  • ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.

Governors set the aims and objectives for the school and set the policies and targets for achieving those aims and objectives. They monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making and act as a source of challenge and support to the Headteacher. At Stratton School the governing board has twelve members and our clerk:


  • 4 Governors elected by parents
  • 2 Governors who have been “co-opted” (selected) by the Governing Board because they have skills or experience that can help the school
  • 1 Governor appointed by the Local Authority
  • 3 Foundation Governors
  • The Headteacher
  • 1 other member of staff elected by the staff
  • 1 Associate Member


So what is the Governing Board doing in 2018-19?


  • Developing our School -we recently reviewed the strategic priorities in our school development plan to ensure our long-term vision continues to be sustainable and effective.


  • Governing Board Structure -this year we have made a significant change to our structure and the way we operate by removing our committees and increasing the number of full governor meetings we hold. This means it is now easier for us to fulfil our core functions because all our governors are involved in all key discussions and decisions, which also brings greater transparency and accountability.


  • Training -before Christmas, we had two in-school training sessions, where Local Authority trainers came to the school and delivered sessions for all our governors on ‘Monitoring and Challenge’ and ‘Understanding Data’. As good governance relies heavily on good data, this will help our Governors support and challenge our school leaders.


  • Monitoring -Governors have continued to undertake school monitoring visits to look at matters such as behaviour and writing, maths and SEN to ensure we can continue to hold the school to account in these areas.
  • Safeguarding- a safeguarding audit must be completed in September each year. Our Safeguarding governor, Beth Hamid, worked on this with our headteacher. An extensive review was conducted, with an in-depth focus on safeguarding in our school, which confirmed that we fulfilled all the necessary requirements.


Looking ahead


Our wonderful school has many strengths – from the relationships that exist between staff and children and between the children themselves; our great buddy system that helps our very youngest to integrate; our strong sense of community both within school and the wider community; our church school distinctiveness that encourages our pupils to care for one another; our children’s positive attitude to learning; the fantastic sports and extra-curricular opportunities, such as language days, STEM days, Life Bus etc that support our broad curriculum; and the individual support that ensures every single child feels nurtured – all of these make us proud to be governors at our school.


However, we will not rest on our laurels and we will continue to work to improve our school.

Our priorities as a governing board this year are to continue to hold the school to account for its performance through:


  • Reviewing and updating our strategic priorities
  • Increasing governor involvement in the School Development Plan monitoring process
  • Ensuring all governors are skilled in using school data to hold leaders to account
  • Reviewing and developing our monitoring of subject leadership in school
  • Ensuring all policies are up to date and a systematic plan for review is in place
  • Ensuring thorough oversight of the financial management of the school

Stratton School Governance Statement 2017/2018